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Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. - Matthew 26:41

He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.-Psalms 91: 11-12

ツ wORds made Tô meaSuRe ஐ
About me:
Here's an objective description of myself.
I am an INFJ: 56% INTROVERT, 12% INTUITIVE, 38% FEELING, 11% JUDGING. Of course that's not everything about me...but we can start with that =)
A Self-Discovery

I have discovered one of my biggest fears - INCOMPETENCE 

A Lil Drama

When no one understands you

And they are all in the same side

What you say won’t matter

Keeping your mouth shut would be best

They won’t hear you anyway

The Pain in my Tooth

this is one pain where I will not gain any little thing. It’s just pure burden. 

Especially when you’re too busy with important tasks you’re bound to accomplish strictly for the deadline and it’s there filling you with all the horrible constant ache.

Usually, what stops me from accomplishing tasks is procrastination or laziness. But this is a different case now.

It’s uncontrollable.

It’s killing me.  

It’s just plain dreadful. 

Pain reliever’s my only friend now. 

So much for hanging around like everything’s fine…

The intense midterm week is coming, so is my judgment. They tell me my grades are fine because I get enough passing marks, well some just even barely. That made me worry less and relaxed a bit for some time. But now, the apprehension inside of me is building up .. I realized I should not be too complacent with scores that barely passed when I’ve got a scholarship to keep. It has totally become a different story now. Thus I will not make excuses now and try to catch up with the demands of my academics. I need to help myself so I won’t regret anything in the end. Anyway, nothing’s wrong with aiming a litte higher even if it feels like all else is crushing you (I’m talking about the dreadful exams, teachers,extra involvements, etc etc), right ?

-Keep Moving Forward


Next in our series of characteristics of leadership, from The Leadership Challenge, is that leaders inspire a shared vision - and to do that, a leader must be able to envision the future.

This chapter uses the Janus Effect - named after the Roman god - to explain that individuals who first…

"People who cease to grow can’t inspire others. Leadership begins with challenging oneself."


inspired by my Change Leadership camp experience, I want to share this thought though this is not an original of mine but it’s short enough yet says a lot about what I’ve learned from the camp. 

"Changing times, challenging the times" 

May passion spark in me and take on the journey of being a leader !

After all, the summer dance we had taught me ‘we all got that spark, we all got that spark tonight…’

(Source: mr-another)

Think less. Act more.

My goal now is to be more capable of dealing with all my responsibilities - both the old and the new. There are tons of them that in my head they’ve piled up into a mountain. And I feel like being sucked into a quicksand of physical and mental endeavors. I get so stressed thinking about how busy I will be this school year, not to mention the first wave of tight schedules is already starting during this summer. But most of all, I’m worried if I could handle everything, if I am good enough to take all roles - a student, a scholar, a leader, a volunteer, a daughter and a friend. And worse the worries are turning into doubts. Doubts regarding my abilities. I am scared to find out I am not that great at all. (As most people assumed I am, and as I convinced myself I am) 

But at the back of my head, I think it’s no use worrying about these things. I should not condemn myself at this moment when I haven’t even given my best shot. Instead of over thinking, I should proceed to taking productive actions. That’s why I’ll go for ‘Think Less. Act More.’ - a movement I’ve signed up for myself. 

Hurray - GOD BLESS !

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