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Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. - Matthew 26:41

He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.-Psalms 91: 11-12

ツ wORds made Tô meaSuRe ஐ
About me:
Here's an objective description of myself.
I am an INFJ: 56% INTROVERT, 12% INTUITIVE, 38% FEELING, 11% JUDGING. Of course that's not everything about me...but we can start with that =)
How to beat yourself

1. Always be ahead of yourself. Rule over and remember you are your own master.
2. Pressure yourself sometimes, but reward yourself once in a while, too.



I need inspiration like rolling hills and roaring thunder
I need inspiration like humanity’s fatal blunder
I need inspiration of the purest kind
Where both the dark and the light are defined

I need inspiration to spark the flame of imagination
I need inspiration that could rouse an entire nation
I need inspiration like a roaring fire
The kind of inspiration of which I’ll never tire


- Jade Hymora
Mind Speak.

I get tired more often. But, I don’t think I need to take vitamins, I just need a good vacation.

I’m pretty convinced my brain’s deteriorating. Perhaps, I need to stop thinking for a while, but that’s just impossible. 

I’m obviously forcing myself to accomplish daily tasks. Unlike before when I was so positive about everyday, acting like the dumb and happy protagonist of a story. 

Are these the price of facing a handful of responsibilities ? 

or are these just signs of losing the direction I assumed I have set before long? 

I accepted the challenges, I tried to give it a good start, but only to find myself alienated from the real essence and value of what I am actually doing. And I just realized that in the midst of all these commotions I have created within myself, I forgot all about my mantra to “Keep Moving Forward”. (Pretty pathetic)

Perhaps, I need to take somebody else’s advise. That when you’re losing the motivation towards things, and unable to hold on to your priorities, you have to look back to why you started doing such things in the first place. Reflect whether or not it’s still worth to continue to doing it. And be reminded of what is at stake if you just give up. 

Even if it takes flashing the “Keep Moving Forward” banner inside my head from time to time just to boost myself, then so be it. Being positive and wholehearted towards things had been my original weapon. I guess it’s time I sharpen it once more…

A Self-Discovery

I have discovered one of my biggest fears - INCOMPETENCE 

A Lil Drama

When no one understands you

And they are all in the same side

What you say won’t matter

Keeping your mouth shut would be best

They won’t hear you anyway

The Pain in my Tooth

this is one pain where I will not gain any little thing. It’s just pure burden. 

Especially when you’re too busy with important tasks you’re bound to accomplish strictly for the deadline and it’s there filling you with all the horrible constant ache.

Usually, what stops me from accomplishing tasks is procrastination or laziness. But this is a different case now.

It’s uncontrollable.

It’s killing me.  

It’s just plain dreadful. 

Pain reliever’s my only friend now. 

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